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KATZ PLUM PRESERVES   16 oz.    $16.00

Late Santa Rosa Plum Preserves
As the climate continues to change, so does agriculture and therefore we have to adjust as well. The Casselman plum crop never happened, second year for this, so I have sourced out new varieties grown by local farmers for our plum preserves.

The Late Santa Rosa plum is my newest find from the Bera Ranch. Michelle and Frank Bera have been farming heirloom varieties of fruit for over 20 years. When I approached them this year at our Napa Farmer's Market they were very welcoming and invited me to come visit their ranch. Their farm is located in Winters, California about 25 miles east of Napa. They grow over 50 varieties of heirloom stone fruit on nearly 20 acres, and they continue to add more each year…incredible.

So after tasting their Late Santa Rosa Plums, I decided that its tartness and texture would make a great batch of preserves. With a deep purple skin and red flesh, it is a very juicy and flavorful fruit. When cooked down with a bit of sugar and a splash of lemon juice, the preserves are nice and tart with an almost compote-like consistency. For those who purchased some of the Limited Release Mariposa Plum Preserves (the fruit is also from Bera Ranch), these are very similar. At the moment, the Santa Rosa Plum Preserves is our latest "favorite" preserves!

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Plum Preserves are great served with pork roast, turkey or duck; or of course they are perfect spread on warm toast, fresh muffins, waffles or pancakes.

"For my money, KATZ makes the best jams in the country."   Corby Kummer, The Atlantic

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Making our fresh fruit preserves in the artisanal manner for the past 20+ years has been a true labor of love. Each new season brings the excited anticipation of visiting our farmer friends to see them once again and share in the bounty of their well-tended orchards and fields.

In our Napa kitchen, each batch of fruit is skillfully cut or sorted by hand, simmered in small, open kettles, using the smallest amount of sugar and fresh lemon juice needed to set (no pectin, no preservatives). Each "pot of jam" brings you 16 delectable ounces. . .a pound of preserved fruit in each jar hand wrapped in our proprietary Branches paper!

Articles in The Atlantic, Saveur, Gourmet, Fine Cooking, and The New York Times have inspired us to increase our production. Yet, with the small window Mother Nature provides for many of the varieties we use, we like to say around here, "when they’re gone...they’re gone!"

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