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KATZ PEACH PRESERVES   16oz.    $16.00

"For my money, KATZ makes the best jams in the country."   Corby Kummer, The Atlantic

KATZ Peach Preserves
There are many varieties of peaches that ripen throughout the summer in our region of California, but the late summer O'Henry peach is the ONLY variety we use for our KATZ Peach Preserves. It has a pointed tip, making it easy to identify, and it provides an ideal preserves balance...a fleshy body with a pleasant note of acidity, a good level of sweetness and a deep 'summer peach' flavor.

The fruit is grown and harvested by one of my favorite growers from California's Central Valley where the warm summer days and mild nights make for the perfect stone fruit 'terroir.' The finished batches of our KATZ Peach Preserves are full of soft pieces of the whole fruit that hold their shape during the long, slow, cooking process.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: They are amazing spread on a toasted crumpet or English muffin, spruces up a bowl of plain Greek yogurt, and it's even better than syrup on those Sunday pancakes, or served warm over vanilla ice cream.


Our preserves are made the old-fashioned way...we do not use any preservatives, period! Please enjoy every spoonful of our fresh fruit preserves, and refrigerate after opening.

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Making our fresh fruit preserves in the artisanal manner for the past 20+ years has been a true labor of love. Each new season brings the excited anticipation of visiting our farmer friends to see them once again and share in the bounty of their well-tended orchards and fields.

In our Napa kitchen, each batch of fruit is skillfully cut or sorted by hand, simmered in small, open kettles, using the smallest amount of sugar and fresh lemon juice needed to set (no pectin, no preservatives). Each "pot of jam" brings you 16 delectable ounces. . .a pound of preserved fruit in each jar hand wrapped in our proprietary Branches paper!

Articles in The Atlantic, Saveur, Gourmet, Fine Cooking, and The New York Times have inspired us to increase our production. Yet, with the small window Mother Nature provides for many of the varieties we use, we like to say around here, "when they’re gone...they’re gone!"

Order a case of 12 KATZ preserves or honey (including mixed cases) shipped to one address and receive a 10% discount...Enter the discount code BRCASE in the appropriate box, (it's below the comment box on the 'Payment Information' page!) and the discount will be reflected in your online invoice. (KATZ All Flower Honey is not part of this discount offer.)

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