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Harvest Notes From Albert

Soon I will be checking my tasting notes so we can blend our 2018 December's New Oil. The Maurino variety came first and it will add a nice component to the final olio nuovo blend. It has lovely spice and floral characteristics that will bring balance to the finished oil. We harvested for the first time from our new groves the Leccino variety we planted 4 years ago where we hand-picked and pressed within 3 hours…it made an assertive, bright, green, spicy oil as would be expected from young trees. Finally, we will add some of the "venerable" Frantoio variety which lends the classic artichoke and grassy robustness plus the "kick" that people have come to expect from an authentic new oil

The Harvest - Bringing The Olives In - by Jeffery G. Katz

Every Harvest Year is Different!

We began our harvest on November 7th on a mild, clear morning with the foreknowledge that this was an alternate bearing year and we would have a much smaller crop than last year. A strange warmer-than-normal winter woke up the trees too early (in truth they never got to sleep!), and then we had a rainy and cold March, so our lovely, mature, now 18-year-old trees didn't know what to do! When the time came to produce fruit in May they were ready to go back to sleep and the flowering was very light. The truth is, climate change continues to have a dramatic impact on farming and these types of events will be the norm going forward, unfortunately!

Ciao, Albert Katz

P.S. This freshly milled olive oil is meant to be used without delay and with GUSTO!

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The Story of Olio Nuovo: The first olive oil off the press each year has a pungent, fruity and rustic character. It long has been a tradition in Italy to celebrate this new olive oil each year. In Northern Italy it is referred to as olio nuovo, in Southern Italy as olio novello, and here at KATZ we refer to it as December's New Oil. It's the first expression of the olive harvest, and while the time to savor it is fleeting, it is oh so enjoyable. Oil at this stage is still rich with suspended particles of chlorophyll-laden olives that give it a bold, green color, a truly unctuous texture, and an intense flavor.

The oil begins to settle out as soon as it is pressed, but it won't be until we are into the new year - around two months after bottling - that much of the explosive flavor will mellow and mature, allowing for a more stable and long lasting oil. But then again, no one buys our December's New Oil to let it sit on the shelf…they buy it to enjoy the heightened color and flavor in some simple but traditional ways…a good loaf of rustic bread, sliced and grilled, then slathered with KATZ Organic December's New Oil and lightly sprinkled with a pinch of good salt – this is always our first taste - as it is in Italy with olio nuovo and olio novello.

2018 December's New Oil:

50% Leccino (provides a nice, floral and spice quality and an "unctuousness" to the oil)

50% Frantoio & Maurino (more classic "Tuscan" flavors of artichoke, herbs and a grassiness with pungency and verve!)

The goal is to highlight the rustic charm of the new oil with a few simple ingredients, and there is no end to the number of ways you can showcase its amazing flavor. Poached eggs over toast, a hearty lentil soup with some fresh kale or chard, creamy polenta with a with a simply roasted chicken or duck, and grilled fish all finished with a liberal drizzle of December's New Oil...Bravo!

But no matter how you cook with your KATZ Organic December's New Oil, use it up quickly with passion and gusto!

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